The Importance Of AI Technology For Modern Mobile Apps

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The Importance Of AI Technology For Modern Mobile Apps

The Importance Of AI Technology For Modern Mobile Apps

With advancements in technology over such granular landscapes, it’s slowly becoming more imperative to mobile app companies that artificial intelligence is the way forward. AI technology is still in it’s primitive form but quickly developing with various introductions to API integrations like Mountain View AI company which are already offering their technology to established firms like Paypal. It’s however vital if funding is available to invest in self-AI specific for individual apps in order to collect more bespoke and direct data.

How can we collect effective data which can help AI technology learn about our personalities? Well, every mere or grand action on application should be a collection of data. Where a user declines or accepts a particular event probe or popup should be trackable through machine learning. Google does this very effectively in order to verify facts and opinions about specific locations and what their venue atmosphere is like at particular time periods. “Was this venue packed at e.g. Friday evening?” It’s a crucial aspect in rendering more tailored results and recommendations to specific users. One of the key points and advantages Ai based Apps has over non-Ai are the ability to captivate users in much shorter time periods by presenting them with information they’ll more likely be interested in. It’s programatic marketing but all programmed by the machine itself.

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We as the modern generation have very short attention spans, 8 seconds to be exact which is actually 1 second lower than a goldfish. What this means is the information we see, hear and read about, due to our low ability to focus, only a small percentage of that actually filters to our memory bank to remain.

Google’s most high-profile engineer, Jeff Dean, has said machine learning is the third most important signal, out of hundreds, that determine how Google search results are ranked. Numbers 1 and 2 are a closely-guarded secret.Telegraph

Or in order for mobile app developers and companies to really capitalise on the use of AI technology they have to first, understand it’s significants and to what impact it may have to their business model. We have tangible action based machine learning which can be record with the simple swipe or click of a finger. There’s also an alternative to this method by utilising voice commands and words that Apple’s Siri & Google Now utilise. (NLU) Natural language understanding to others maybe considered more prominent dependant on the premise of the app and it’s goals. Conversational computer and NLU are still quite primordial in the world of developers.

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Steve Wozniak ( Apple’s Co-Founder) spoke to Matt Wordsworth on ABC News Australia claiming; a lot of people call AI what is still short of a human brain of making final decisions. For example we’re talking about machines that can learn to do something very well and figure them out and become better than humans at thinking better than a brain….but they don’t tell themselves here is what I should be trying to come up with doing.

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