Choosing The Right Colours For Your Brand

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Choosing The Right Colours For Your Brand

Choosing The Right Colours For Your Brand

And out with the paint brushes and the palettes as you glare down at your colours of choice and only see a few viable options, you begin painting in hope that something artistic and elegant appears before you — but to your disappointment only a mere few splashes of what looks like a recreation of what you would consider a colour feast. This is unhelpful.

This is generally not how the process should or normally flows as there should be more of a considerate approach which could be explored in a few ways which i’ll outline. Why are the brand colours so important? Well that’s because they define the character of your brand and most of all; your business. Your theme represents something of key value such as their ethos which may indicate the brands attitude towards the industry they’re operating in.

Before we outline some approaches it’s important to acknowledge what each of these colours bring to the forefront and how they may be represented.

khcreates kurt henderson logos colours colors brand startup choosing

I’ve put together some famous logos from different industries ranging from various colours. Brands use themes in order signify an aim in their business. Take for example; Strava use orange like Lucozade. Orange is normally a colour associated with energy which normally bodes well with sports apps. You can also see this in the RedBull logo which has Orange and Red so the implication is energetic and fierce, risky and speedy. Below is a diagram explaining some emotions and ethics associated with colours.

khcreates kurt henderson logos colours colors brand startup choosing design


However you choose and what it’s based upon on reflects throughout the organisation, so now that’s outlined lets explore how we can go about picking colours from our inspiration. Here’re a few examples.

Let’s say you wanted to start a fashion website but wasn’t sure which colours should be communicated to your audience and how. Say it’s a particular style you were selling on your website and wanted to portray that via your brand image. Well here’s a trick or two.

You can find the colours used in particular fashion pieces and copy them and here’s a brief tutorial on how I would go about it personally and implement it into the brand. Take this piece for example:

fashion kurt henderson colour style design


Look at those blues, the brown and the light colours behind the model. How the dress contrasts from the rest of the attire. My first step would be to find the hex colours of the attire and use them. You can do this with Photoshop or a Google Chrome extension like: Eyedropper or ColorZilla and then find the hex colours. They normally have a ‘#’ in front. So here’s what I’ve got for this particular design.

fashion kurt henderson colour style design scheme


I’ve taken the hex colours from the design and now we can use them as designs going forward. Here’re a quick template I’ve built quickly based on the colours shown above.

fashion kurt henderson colour style design template UI

With this basic design concept you can see how the colours have played a role balancing out in the appropriate areas. The blueish colour now acts the part of being the primary call to action now indicating to web-visitors that they can take an action to follow-through to ‘shop now’ relative to the message above the button. The brown button which overlays the dress implies that this is a direct action which will affect you as a user by adding an item to their cart. This is one way of establishing colour charts or balancing nice colours.

Another solution is using Adobe Color which is a great tool for creating new colour schemes and searching through the endless list of already created themes. You can find the KOMPAS Theme on Adobe Color created by myself. From this you can base your brand around the colour schemes.  Adjusting the colour wheel will automatically change the Hex and RGB colours.

fashion kurt henderson colour style design scheme adobe colour color
Adobe Color


These are two of my go-to new colour exploring idea methods. Alternatively you can use a more generic method and look at similar brands within your industry or others and break down how the colours communicate with their audiences. If it’s a similar message you want to portray it could be a good starting point.

Hope these points were helpful, if you have any other creative suggestions that work for you please let me know.

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