We are your pocket guide, to the world's urban jungles

Kompas is a mobile application and web platform, that is disrupting the travel industry by creating innovation through technology. We use machine learning algorithms, combined with a combination of AI and Location Based Services, to generate an understanding of a user. This allows us to present an itinerary of carefully selected content specific to the user, to create personal, and unique plans for each individual user. We match users with similar interests and their reviews so that people are more readily able to understand a place in their own eyes before visiting.


Awards & Achievements

Shortlisted (Top 25/450) for the upSTART Digital DNA Competition: 2016

Shortlisted (Top 80/5000) for the Virgin Media #VOOM Pitchathon: 2016

Third Year Abroad: Best Startup Idea (KOMPAS): 2016

Shortlisted for Accenture Digital Innovation Award (KOMPAS): 2015

Web Summit: ALPHA Attendee: 2015

What does that mean for the user? A unique, personal and independent travel assistant that is able to understand you and your interests, to guide you around the city that we know you want to see. Hidden places, unique events and local secrets are all available and change according to what you like. For the partners, we give you the perfect opportunity to reach out to a specific database of individuals, so that you can carry out market research, as well as really understand who your customer is, and what they want and expect. KOMPAS was presented at Web Summit 2015, and was shortlisted to the final 14 for the Digital Innovation Award, presented by Accenture.


Kurt Henderson

Consultant and design contributor of the startup Kompas it’s my role to overview all creative direction which includes implementation too. Branding, features and their functionalities, user experience and interface. Video Production, print design and more.

KOMPAS – Product – Startups – Croydon Tech City – [Pitch]

KOMPAS – Product – Startups – Croydon Tech City – [Pitch]

The Startup Van Interview – [Pitch]

The Startup Van Interview – [Pitch]

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