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Working for a finance company gave extensive insight to what sort of material would be acceptable and what wouldn’t dependant on the campaign. ETX Capital has allowed me to explore new areas of media such as HTML5 Banners, Intranet developments and many more. My work ranged from print to digital to media adverts.

ETX Capital Homepage

Globe Design created by David Curtis

The Animated Bonus Landing Page Sequence

ETX Capital Intranet

During the rebranding process I took my own initiative to look into the rebranding/rebuilding the ETX Capital main Intranet. The globe would derive from the the new world branding concept featured in the homepage video. Using JQuery, HTML5 and CSS I built an interactive base template in order for the development team to take further. 

View ETX Capital Intranet Here

Wherever you are

Welcome to an Exciting Trading eXperience

View Bonus Page Live


Upon joining ETX Capital, they were still using Flash banners which would soon become an increasing issue with many browsers discontinuing their support for Flash. It was my job to investigate other solutions and software. We decided to switch over to HTML5 banners using Adobe Edge Animate and also testing Google Web Designer. This was only one campaign banner I built upon the many more campaigns and sizes.

View HTML5 Animated Banner Here

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