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Rootnotion launched in March 2014 with the aim to delve into the world of innovation, technology, inventions, theories and other related areas we all find ourselves enthralled by. Our innovation blog has quickly grown throughout London, USA and Sweden with various campaigns and articles. 

Rootnotion home

Rootnotion has publish over 700 articles attended 20+ events as press. Some of these events include: The Open Mobile Media Summit 2015, The Wearable Technology Show 2015, Intercorp 2015 with Checkout & Incubus, Hyper Japan 2014 & 2015, D&AD Awards 2015, D&AD Live Event at UCL, Kinetica Artfair 2014, Ian Turnbull Interview, BINK BEATS Live with Boiler Room + Interview, Ji Liu Live and more.

Team Rootnotion

Without a team, there’s no Rootnotion. Greg & Lisa have been onboard since the beginning, however Rootnotion has also had other key contributors: Josh Motteram, George Juby, Sowenna Ene, Lucy M Smith, CoffeeMoose, Zoe Holmes and many more.  


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