The Startup Van Interview – [Pitch]

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The Startup Van Interview – [Pitch]

The Startup Van Interview – [Pitch]

The two man business on wheels from Dublin, a startup in a VW-Van with a whole lot of film and audio equipment requested that I be interviewed in their temporary popup shop within old-street roundabout. They’re called The Startup Van. A huge setup had taken place where-by interviews could be held in a professional, comfortable and most of all, hipster environment.

The outline of this interview was to explain the recent progress with KOMPAS which can be seen in the video below.

Team KOMPAS has been previously interviewed by The Startup Van in the past at the Web Summit 2015 whereby three of the Co-Founders were present inside the VW camper van answering questions about the direction for the Startup and its progress.

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Sage UK, the sponsor and partner of The Startup Van in old street were also very keen to take some words of advise from interviewees in order to feed it to their social channels. Here’s what was said from myself.

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